The legit stamp!

It all started with a stamp. I was browsing one of my favorite teacher websites, and I kept seeing teachers with templates for custom stamps. Stamps have been my latest teacher obsession, and recently I bought a ton, but I wanted one that was unique! So I came up with a saying for my stamp, and went to Office Depot to have it made. My stamp was made in no time, and I was super excited to stamp my students' work! I was hoping my stamp would be a hit.
Well, it wasn't just a hit, it was a BIG HIT!!! My stamp was all the rave in class the next day. Each student got a freebie stamp, and  they were beaming with joy. Our little class stamp says, "Your work is LEGIT!"
Making this stamp is just the beginning of a journey that will be incredible. I just have a feeling that something amazing is going to happen, and when it does, I'll proudly say, "It all started with a stamp!"
I hope the world is ready for me, The Legit Teacher, and my little LEGIT stamp, because I  plan to leave my mark on this world!

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