How to be a legit teacher: Teacher Tip # 3

Today's teacher tip is brought to you by Kiana!
Kiana is athletic and smart. Her favorite subject is writing (that may or may not be my favorite subject too). She loves playing soccer, and is developing into an amazing soccer player, I know this because I've watched her since last year. She's got game!

Kiana's tip for teachers is this: "Keep kids papers' in their individual mailboxes."

It's no surprise that Kiana chose to share this tip with teachers. She is quite the organized 4th grader!
 Kiana's tip is all about organization and efficiency. As teachers, we handle lots of papers within the course of a day. It is important to have a system in place to ensure every paper reaches its proper destination. In our class we use individual mailboxes. Do yourself a favor, and just buy these. Don't think twice about it, just do it! You will be happy that you did. I ordered mine from Office Depot (love that place).

I have a student that puts papers in mailboxes, and each student checks their mailbox at the end of the day. Once your students get accustomed to having a mailbox, this little system will run itself like clock work! I have had these mailboxes since the start of my career, and they are still in pretty decent shape so the investment is well worth it.

Now check out Kiana in action. Her soccer skills are LEGIT!

Thanks for the tip Kiana!

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