How to be a legit teacher: Teacher Tip # 2

Today's teacher tip is brought to you by Chloe. 

Chloe's friends describe her as helpful, grateful, and smart. Math and Reading are her favorite subjects. She couldn't pick just one!! When Chloe isn't busy solving Math problems and reading books, she enjoys music!

Chloe's tip for teachers is this: "Make your kids happy."

I absolutely love this tip. If kids are happy they are in the perfect position to learn new things. Classroom environment directly impacts the learning process. If you want your students to learn, you must make sure they are happy, and excited about being in your class.
Teachers, we are responsible for setting the tone, and establishing a positive class culture. Happiness, excitement, positive vibes, love and laughter are key components to a successful learning experience.
The academic payoff is well worth the investment in our students' emotions.
I stand in agreement with Chloe, and encourage all teachers to make your students' happiness a priority every single day!

Now click the video to check out Chloe's LEGIT music skills!

Thanks for the tip Chloe!

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